For Enjoyment and Serious Research


This library is an ideal source of information, both for personal enjoyment, or serious research. If you cannot come to our Museum, we will take requests for information via telephone, (250) 655-3300, or Email: [email protected]


The library contains 8,492 Books located on the shelves and available to members and annual pass holders for borrowing including a children’s and fiction section. The collection is listed in PDF documents by title here and by author here. One can search PDF documents using “CTRL+F”. Press “enter” to step between search results.

Also catalogued on computer are a collection of 689 Videos, 30,000 digitised and catalogued photos, historical data, and 30 different Canadian Aviation magazines. The videos can also be loaned to members and annual pass holders.


The British Columbia Aviation Museum has over 10,000 items tracked within its artifacts catalogue system. Those items that are not on display are stored in the Museum’s climate controlled Artifacts Centre.


The British Columbia Aviation Museum restoration facility is adjacent to the Main Display Hangar and public access is welcome (accompanied by a tour guide). The restoration hangar is always crowded with projects and is especially busy on Thursdays, our ‘work day’. The 5,000 square foot hangar includes wood working, metal working, instrument repair and parts storage areas.

Many, but not all, of the Museum’s aircraft have been restored or refurbished within the restoration facility. Some aircraft were restored before the hangar was built in 1997, and some, e.g. the Vickers Viscount, are too large to fit into the restoration facility. Other aircraft were received in flying condition and have been maintained within the display hangars.

Past restorations include the North American Harvard Mk. II, the Auster AOP 6, the Lincoln Sport and the 7/8 scale SE 5a. Visits to these aircraft within the display hangars will reveal the skill and dedication of the many volunteers who contribute their talents so generously.

The current major project is the Lancaster FM104 restoration. Another project is the nose section of a Dakota (DC-3 variant) that is being readied for paint and on its way to becoming an interactive exhibit. A recently completed major project was the construction of the Hoffar H-1 replica.

The restoration facility is also used to restore aviation artefacts and to build other exhibits. Recent projects include restoration of a small boat that years ago, was constructed from an Eastman Sea Rover hull.  Other completed projects include the Fugo Balloon display and the fabric-covered airfoil display.

Listen to a CBC report on the Hoffar project. Click on the link below.


Support our restoration efforts by getting involved as a member, a volunteer, or by donating.